Gene therapy for sickle cell performs well in preclincal test


New gene editing technology could wipe out entire species

Researchers at University of Illinois find genes that disrupt breast cancer treatment

NOOOO! Alcohol linked to at least 7 cancers!

Ancient feces shows trade route spread disease

New Species of ANT found - Crematogaster indosinesis

U Penn Engineers design low cost rapid ZIKA test using RT-PCR

Fasting can turn the body's immune system against cancer cells
Keck School of Medicine of USC

Skin Cancer Risk: Red hair and freckles = 21 years of exposure to the sun

Cause of high antibody concentration, hypergammablogulinemia, discover...
type 1 interferon

Study:Flu vaccine for pregnant moms increases flu fighting antibodies in newborns

Infographics: 4 reasons there are more disease outbreaks

Brain Cancer treated with Polio virus

NEW SPECIES ALERT: New Peacock Spiders Found in Australia

'Secret' synthetic human genome talks

The giraffe neck, how did it get so long?

Gene responsible for cancer...also responsible for multicellular life
Thanks green algae?

Watching gene expression in real time

Gene therapy comes to fruition
Bubble boy cure 27 years in the making

Reptile sex switching temperature gene identified, CIRBP

Cancer cells hijack body's internal clocks...
"interfering with how they make sugar and fats for nourishment"

Human derived antibody destroys cancer cells

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes could combat ZIKA

Going Viral:

ZIKA: Study finds virus in the tears of mice

ZIKA: WHO recommends abstinence for 6 months after visiting affected countries

Olympic games could spread zika around the world!

Hantavirus strikes in North Dakota

HIV patients with undetectable virus levels unlikely to infect

Bats can carry Ebola, Rabies, and Sars but yet they don't get sick. Do you know why?
ZIKA: Puerto Rico - 'One Quarter of the population infected by the end of the year'
ZIKA: Baby born in NJ with microcephaly
WTF: New Type of Ebola Disease?

Spinal cord injury results in higher risk for viral infections

ZIKA & EBOLA: Funds potentailly to be diverted from Ebola to Zika
ZIKA: Sexual transmission more common that thought
ZIKA: Original research papers from 1947 discovered


Raw Flower E. coli contamination

Raw Oysters increase libido vomting
Vibrio sickens over 2000

Fish recalled for botulism risk

E. coli outbrak in Connecticut
Goat Dairy

Tuna recall... Sterilization issues

Pistachios recalled for salmonella

Milk recalled due to improper pasteurization

OUTBREAK:Kentucky sports bar - Salmonella

Organic milk recall

OUTBREAK: Multistate Salmonella
Organic Shake Powders

OUTBREAK: Dole salad Listeria grows
Oh Canada

Chipotle Criminal Probe

The bacteria in your mouth determines wine tastes

Bug Battle:

Legionella stikes inmates

Oral bacteria linked to pancreatic cancer

NASA - your mouth bacteria can grow on mars
NASA - your mouth bacteria can grow on mars

Triclosan - Common agent in cleaning products rapidly disrupts gut bacteria
OR DOES IT?!!?!?
Triclosan doesn't impact gut or oral bacteria

The 'million atom tail'
How Bacteriophages infect bacteria...

The bacteria on your phone and wallet
' 3000 different types on a $1 bill'

GROSS: Gym equipment has 362 times more bacteria than a toilet seat

Transferable Gene that causes Colistin resistance could cause a big problem

Trouble in paradise...Hawaii has a bacteria problem?
77 times greater than quality standard

Gold nanodisks and light could be used to treat bacterial infections

Bacteria has an achilles heal? The proton pump

Elizabethkingia: 50 people sickened by rare microbe

Gut microbiome and HIV

Porphyromonas gingivalis and esophageal cancer

There is another bacteria that causes Lyme disease

Deoderant and antiperspirants change microbial community
harmful bacteria grows faster

Person to Person Legionella?

Nitrogen fixing bacteria discovery debunked
"It's disapointing, but it's not surprising"

Probiotics may acutally do harm?

Bacteria used to recover gold from e-waste

Legionnaires' disease in Florida
Hot Tub

Chickens being fed 3.5 million year old bacteria from permafrost

Breast milk contains Antibiotic that kills drug resistant bacteria
"protein in breast milk that has the capacity to kill fungi, bacteria, and even viruses"

Melioidosis - Highly contagious, widepsread
Burkholderia pseudomallei
"lacks a licensed vaccine"

MCR-1 Superbug gene found int at least 17 countries

Water Crisis
87 cases of Legionnaires in Flint, Michigan

Group B Strep vaccine for pregnant women

'Microbes DON'T outnumber human cells'
Originally calculated at 10:1 ratio
39 trillion microbes to 30 million cells
"Pretty close to equal"
don't blame us for the misleading title...

Stomach Bacteria in mummified iceman gives clues on human migration
Univ of Camerino, Italy

Superbug gene MRC-1 in historical samples
Public Agency of Canada
Dr. Matthew Gilmour

Babies exposed to bacteria in the womb
small amounts in amniotic fluid

Glass of water contains 'good bacteria'

Olive trees in trouble
Bacterium Xylella fastidiosa

Symbiotic squid bacteria attracted to fatty acids
Bioluminescent Vibrio fischeri

C. difficile at epidemic levels
Two factors - Antibiotics overuse and stomach acid medicine

New E.Coli strain resistant to ALL ANTIBIOTICS!

WHAT??!! Yogurt may not be the best source for probiotic bacteria

Storm water runoff exacerbates flesh-eating Vibrio vulnificus bacteria

Engineering a Kill Switch for helpful bacteria


AI attempts to cure cancer!
IoT (intenet of things) microscopes for outbreak detection

Arduino with Blutooth, NFC, Wi-Fi and IR??

Hack a Chromebook over the web...win $100,000

Android on Raspberry PI 3

Windows 10 devices control remote Arduino

Zero-day exploit found for silverlight plug-in

Incandescent light bulb that recycles its own heat? MIT...of course

"Energy Efficient Arduino UNO Compatible Design" - awesome new arduino clone Ner0

IT's a Make Off! Arduino Challenge issued from its creator Massimo Banzi


Cancer Clinical Alert: Oncolytic virus breakthrough from University of Guelph

Researchers use smart suture threads to collect diagnostic data from tissue

Potential new method for rapid cancer detection uses fluorescing nanoparticles

Article: Muhammad Ali and the misunderstood Parkinson's "syndrome"

New blood test for Alzheimer's under testing - Protein microarray

Advanced skin cancer treatment breakthrough - T cell therapy

Link between flame retardants and thyroid disease in women

Cancer protects against Alzheimer's...
New Study Discredits

Starving cancer cells may be the key to treatment

Rapid FLU detection
luminescent nano particle technique

Breast cancer gene triggered by alcohol


Schrodinger's cat can now be dead or alive in two different boxes...

Invasive Russian water flea takes toll on the Great Lakes
Kills the algea eaters

New Alaska Butterfly Discovered
First in 28 years

T. Rex was an invasive species from Asia?

The physics of Perfect Pancakes

Homemade periodic table Battleship game

Universe only exists because of two numbers??? Higgs field strength and strength of dark energy "or the first time in the history of science, we could be facing questions that we cannot answer"
Mind blown

Gravitational wave detection controversy?

New quantum mechanical property discovered
prime example of wave-particle duality

Gene expression tweak may be why humans walk on 2 feet
Standford University and the Stickleback fish

Ancient "hobbit" people evolved from much larger individuals
"shrank due to “insular dwarfism” or the “island effect,”

Fat gene from prehistoric apes linked to obesity
Fructose + Uric Acid = fat

Sunscreen chemical could be destroying coral reefs - oxybenzone

Thomas Jefferson's chemistry lab found

Dinosaurs were warm and cold blooded?
Ancient eggshells studied

Scientist find A Nontoxic Flame Retardant that is naturally derive
University of Texas

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